PRP Treatment

PRP Treatment

At Trillium Oral Surgery and Implantology, we always do what we can to help you to heal as fast as possible after every procedure. One of the ways we do this is to use platelet rich plasma, or PRP, treatment to create a faster healing process.

More and more doctors are using PRP to promote faster healing in their patients. PRP can be used in a wide range of dental procedures, including many types of oral surgery. It is often used for patients getting a tooth extracted or receiving a dental implant

PRP can push the tissues and bone to grow faster so that healing is quicker. This type of treatment is often used after an oral procedure to help relieve pain as well as to shorten how long it takes the body to heal from the surgery. 

How Do PRP Treatments Work?

Within the body is a natural ability for healing. This healing is accelerated with PRP treatments, which send a specific type of cell directly to the affected area so that healing is stimulated. 

To get PRP treatment, blood is drawn from the patient and placed in a machine that spins it rapidly. The platelets in the blood become highly concentrated and have three to five times the amount of growth factors generally found in untreated blood. 

The concentrated platelets help to make cells that are more differentiated. These cells can then push the body to rebuild tissue and bone. It is often used after tooth extraction because it has been proven to be so good at rebuilding bone quicker. 

Great Reasons for Using PRP Treatment

We know PRP treatment speeds the rebuilding of bone and tissues, but it’s also helpful for reducing pain after oral surgery. Because PRP makes the affected area heal more quickly, there is less discomfort afterward. This gives patients an easier healing period. Older patients often heal more slowly, making PRP especially helpful in their healing. 

PRP is a reliable treatment method that our doctors are well-trained in performing. They can use this technique to help you get full function from your mouth as soon as possible. Since patients can heal faster after getting a tooth extracted, this speeds up the time it takes to wait for healing when you’re waiting for dentures, dental implants, etc. 

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Using PRP treatment is one of the ways that we use high technology to help you with your dental and facial issues and help you get back to normal as soon as you can. 

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The doctors and staff at this practice are second to none! As a dental specialist myself, I have a “behind the scenes” look at many practices and I would never send my family anywhere else.


“Dr. Cannavo pulled an infected wisdom tooth for me the very next day after seeing me. He did an excellent job, and everything went very smoothly. 10/10 would let him remove another tooth from my head.”


I took my daughter in for a consultation with regards to a Class 3 malocclusion. Dr. Jeff treated us with empathy & professionalism. He provided two different treatment plans for my daughter and I to review.


I’ve been a patient of Dr. Betts for many years and always he takes care of me with empathy and no pain and a sense of urgency I wouldn’t go to anybody else. You get treated like you were part of his family.


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